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This is a list of the promises made by Donald Trump on the campaign trail, compiled by the Washington Post. (link at bottom of the page)
I thought that some of them are too vague or difficult to judge, so I changed the text to blue.  Any promises he has broken, I'll turn red. I'll also write a post explaining or proving the broken promise and will link to it.
1. Build a wall along the southern border 
2. Make Mexico pay for the wall. 
3. "If I become president, we're all going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again."
4. Get rid of Common Core 
5. The Environmental Protection Agency might also disappear.
6. Get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something "terrific" 
7. Knock down the regulatory walls between states for health insurance.
8. Rebuild the country's aging infrastructure  -- for one-third of what the United States is currently paying for such projects.
9. Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cutting benefits.
10. Defund Planned Parenthood.
11. "I will take care of women.
12. Frequently use the term "radical Islamic terrorism."
13. Temporarily ban most foreign Muslims from entering the United States 
14. Bar Syrian refugees from entering the country and kick out any who are already living here. 
15. Heavily surveil mosques in the United States. 
16. Create a database of Syrian refugees. 
17. Never take a vacation while serving as president.
18. Prosecute Hillary Clinton 
19. Make medical marijuana widely available to patients, and allow states to decide if they want to fully legalize pot or not.
20. Stop spending money on space exploration 
21. Pick Supreme Court justices who are "really great legal scholars."
22. Ensure that Iowa continues to host the nation's first presidential nominating contest.
23. Strengthen the military so that it's "so big and so strong and so great" that "nobody's going to mess with us."
24. Be unpredictable. 
25. Allow Russia to deal with the Islamic State in Syria and/or work with Russian President Vladimir Putin to wipe out shared enemies.
26. "Bomb the s--- out of ISIS." 
27. Target and kill the relatives of terrorists.
28. Shut down parts of the Internet so that Islamic State terrorists cannot use it to recruit American children.
29. Bring back waterboarding, .
30. Leave troops in Afghanistan because it's such "a mess." Protect Israel. And increase U.S. military presence in the East and South China Seas.
31. Find an "out" clause in the Iran deal 
32. I promise I will never be in a bicycle race. 
33. Refuse to call Iran's leader by his preferred title. 
34. Negotiate the release of all U.S. prisoners held in Iran before taking office. 
35. Oppose the killing of journalists
36. Find great generals -- like the next Gen. Patton or Gen. MacArthur -- and do not allow them to go onto television news shows to explain their military strategy.
37. Drop that "dirty, rotten traitor" Bowe Bergdahl out of an airplane into desolate Afghanistan without a parachute.
38. Fire "the corrupt and incompetent" leaders of the U.S. Department of Veterans
39. Invest more heavily in programs that help military veterans transition back to civilian life.

40. Bring back jobs from China 
41. "I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created." 
42. Students at Wofford College in South Carolina, where Drumpf attended a town hall, will all have jobs at graduation.
43. Aggressively challenge China's power in the world 
44. Rather than throw the Chinese president a state dinner, buy him "a McDonald's hamburger and say we've got to get down to work."
45. Replace "free trade" with "fair trade." 
46. Put billionaire hedge fund manager Carl Icahn in charge of trade negotiations with China and Japan
47. Tell Ford Motor Co.'s president that unless he cancels plans to build a massive plant in Mexico, the company will face a 35 percent tax on cars imported back into the United States. 
48. Force Nabisco to once again make Oreos in the United States. 
49. Impose new taxes on many imports into the country. 
50. Grow the nation's economy by at least 6 percent.
51. Reduce the $18 trillion national debt 
52. Cut the budget by 20 percent by simply renegotiating.
53. Get rid of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
54. Simplify the U.S. tax code and reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to four. 
55. No longer charge income tax to single individuals earning less than $25,000 per year or couples earning less than $50,000. 
56. Ensure that Americans can still afford to golf.
57. Allow corporations a one-time window to transfer money being held overseas, charging a much-reduced 10 percent tax.
58. Get rid of most corporate tax loopholes or incentives, but continue to allow taxpayers to deduct mortgage interest and charitable donations from their taxes.
59. On his first day in office, Drumpf would get rid of gun-free zones at military bases and in schools.
60. Use "common sense" to fix the mental health system and prevent mass shootings. 
61. Impose a minimum sentence of five years in federal prison for any violent felon who commits a crime using a gun, with no chance for parole or early release.
62. Fix the background check system used when purchasing guns to ensure states are properly uploading criminal and health records.
63. Allow concealed-carry permits to be recognized in all 50 states.
64. Sign an executive order calling for the death penalty for anyone found guilty of killing a police officer.
65. Provide more funding for police training.
66. And provide more funding for drug treatment, especially for heroin addicts.
67. On the first day in office, terminate President Obama's executive orders related to immigration. This includes getting rid of "sanctuary cities" that Drumpf says have become refuges for criminals.
68. Deport the almost 11 million immigrants illegally living in the United States.
69. Triple the number of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.
70. Continue to allow lowly paid foreign workers to come to the United States on temporary works visas because Drumpf says they are the only ones who want to pick grapes.
71. End birthright citizenship.
72. Say things that are politically incorrect, because the country does not have time to waste with political correctness.
73. Make America great again.
74. Be a cheerleader for America
75. Bring back the American dream
76. Start winning again.


This list was compiled by the Washington Post and can be found here.

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