Monday, January 30, 2017

A Promise Kept To Ban Muslims

Today we are going to consider another one of Donald's campaign promises:
7. Temporarily ban most foreign Muslims from entering the United States
On Friday, The Donald signed an executive order restricting immigration from seven different countries, all of which happen to be Muslim countries.  The ban is temporary though I'm confused as to how long different aspects of the order are in place.

On the surface, this order seems to fulfill the campaign promise.  The only thing that I would question is the word "most". According to a pew study done in 2015, there are 50 countries with a Muslim majority in the world. Seven is certainly not "most" of fifty.

Still, I'm not going to quibble too much about the word "most".  I'll call this a promise kept.

I do want to discuss the legality of this particular ban as well as who it actually affects. The language in the order states that citizens from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen are not permitted entry into the US "on any visa category".  There seems to be a disagreement on those who hold green cards and are attempting to reenter the US. The order seems to include them - though exceptions can be made.  All Syrian refugees are barred from entering the country "until further notice".

I've seen opinions that state this order is legal and others questioning whether it is or not.  I'm not sure I should give an opinion, personally, as I'm not a lawyer nor am I familiar with immigration law.  Still, this has never prevented me from forming an opinion in the past and will not stop me this time.

Here are my thoughts: My main concern is that this ban - temporary or not - applies only to certain countries and is obviously targeting people from a particular religion.  I would feel it was more fair if it applied to everyone across the board and was in place only as long as it took for the new administration to take a look at existing procedures and see if they needed to be improved.  As it stands, though, it seems discriminatory to me. I guess we'll have to see what the courts think as I'm sure this order will be questioned.

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