Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lock Her Up! Or, Not...

During his campaign for President, Donald Trump repeatedly promised his supporters that he would see that Hillary Clinton is prosecuted for.... um... her lies?  Or perhaps deleting emails?  Or "acid washing" her emails.... Is that even a thing?

Regardless, we have all seen videos of him during his campaign with a crowd of supporters chanting, "Lock her up! Lock her up!", while he calls her "Crooked Hillary".

He even threatened to see her jailed during the second debate! Here is a clip.

So, now that The Donald has won the election, what is he saying?

Well... it appears that he is backing away from that promise.

CNN now reports that the President-elect now says that, "It's just not something he feels very strongly about".

That's one promise it appears he is not going to keep - and he's not even in office yet!  I wonder how many others there will be.

[Number 11 on my List of 25. ]

Video clip is courtesy of the ABC15 Arizona.
(Yes, I changed the source of my video clip.  I didn't realize the one I previously linked was posted on the channel of... THAT sort of questionable news site.)

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